Becoming a Data-Driven CXO

  • Wednesday, June 29, 2022:10:00 AM - 10:25 AM
  • Room: 2004


There are few things more challenging for C-Level executives than strategy execution. Strategic ideas that appear so straightforward when laid out on a whiteboard or presented in a board room, can quickly become confusing when you shift into execution mode. 

And, for any strategic or change initiative, you need to determine the core metrics you will measure and manage. This can be challenging in a world awash in digital data. Defining and redefining the metrics that matter to your business is essential to keep pace in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.  

However, data output can be both positive and negative, and mature leaders should be comfortable accepting both. By doing this, companies become data-driven, open to transparency, and adaptable to ever-changing customer expectations. 

In this session, Tony Uphoff, Board Strategist and Advisor, Acceleration Economy CXO Analyst, focuses on: 

  • Risk Management framework to guide your company 
  • Data Culture, accepting uncomfortable truths, and killing “vanity metrics” 
  • Digital metrics that matter most 

    Learning Objectives

    Tony Uphoff
    4X Chief Executive Officer CXO2 Acceleration Economy Analyst
    Xometry, Acceleration Economy