Digital Transformation - Getting Your Board Onboard to Digital and Cloud Transformation

  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022:11:15 AM - 11:55 AM
  • Room: 2009


Digital Business and Cloud migration are not business technology projects. Contrarily, these transformational efforts require sustained short, mid- and long-term focus to ready your business to compete. And these efforts are never “done.”  With this is our business reality, it is critical to have your Board of Directors buy in and sign off on these transformational, sustained initiatives. The challenge is not all Boards nor board members have the digital, tech and change management savvy that is required.  

In this 40-minute interactive session, our panel comprised of board-experienced CEO, CIO, CRO, and CMO will tackle strategies to empower business leaders to get their boards’ onboard to digital and cloud transformational makeovers. Cloud War Expo attendees will participate in a discussion focused on: 

Understanding and assessing your board’s readiness, culture and risk tolerance 

Making the business case for change and investment 

Creating board advocates and addressing non-believers 

Addressing board-level concerns such as sustainability, diversity, risk management and change management 

    Gayle Keller
    Chief Reinvention Officer
    Gayle Keller LLC
    Scott Vaughan
    Chief Market Officer, Analyst
    Acceleration Economy
    Tony Uphoff
    4X Chief Executive Officer CXO2 Acceleration Economy Analyst
    Xometry, Acceleration Economy
    Wayne Sadin
    CIO/CTO/CDO & CEO/Board Advisor