How AI Is Unlocking The Code to Communication, Collaboration & Camaraderie

  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022:12:00 PM - 12:25 PM
  • Room: 2010


Hear from renowned speaker & seasoned tech exec Gayle Keller, along with her dynamic colleague Susan K. Younger, on how to crack the communication codes to lead to greater amicability among peers, create collaborative environments and balanced teams of complementary personalities.  This special presentation is designed to be personality based and people focused. As a participant, you’ll learn how to understand the differences in approaching a decision to any given situation, especially between genders. 

As part of this session, you will have the opportunity to complete an assessment that: 

  • Identifies personality values, work preferences & communication styles.   
  • Review, examine & present the results. 
  • Learn about the different values people have and how to work productively with others. 
  • Understand the system and process to use this cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to do your own analysis. 

Learning Objectives

Aaron Back
VP, Principal Analyst
Acceleration Economy
Gayle Keller
Chief Reinvention Officer
Gayle Keller LLC
Susan K Younger
Relationship Architect | C-Suite Network Council Leader
Susan K Younger