Susan K Younger

Relationship Architect | C-Suite Network Council Leader
Susan K Younger
7154 Lanyon Drive
United States


I love building tribes and making life and business hum while achieve extraordinary outcomes for all.

Simple has always been a word I have used to define my work and my life. I have tackled complex projects with multiple teams from large corporations to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Working with the B.A.N.K personality profiling methodology I have found a simple tool that uses my diverse background to help give businesses the secret, the science, the system, and the solution to improving sales, communication, and team building. I’m honored when someone tells me I helped them achieve their goals and dreams while serving others or completing tasks working when they were uncomfortable doing so before. People are key to making things happen. I love helping teams find the best in each other and in the other teams they engage with to create the planned outcome or exceed it.

My success is built on a background in corporate retail architecture, store design and planning, when fed up with chaos I chose to consult and do massage therapy to feed both the left and right sides of my brain. To create safe spaces to work in and bodies that were comfortable to live in. Combining massage therapy as a career with architecture is not unusual when you think of the body as a structure with many functioning systems to support itself just like a building.

More than 40 years of architectural planning and project management.
Primarily within the retail industry, commercial and hospitality.

More than two decades as a massage therapist focusing on structural integration and myofascial release. Working with clients to maximize their own bodies flexibility and functional potential for wellness.

Sharing the life experiences of the Simple Life and how it can create the foundation for living in a world overloaded with distractions and making connections in life and business to work together positively for good and profits.


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