Tony Safoian

CEO and President
SADA Systems


As CEO and President of SADA Systems, Tony Safoian firmly believes that technology can empower people to transform their world. To this end, he places innovation at the core of the business model, coupled with exceptional customer experience and managed services. Under Safoian’s guidance, SADA has differentiated itself by proactively addressing a rapidly evolving market across Enterprise, Midmarket, Government and Education sectors, while anticipating the needs of its customers—often even before they do.

Safoian has transformed SADA into one of the world’s top business and technology consultancy and cloud Managed Services Providers. As a Google Cloud launch partner and an award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA enhanced its suite of product offerings, solutions and services providing consultative, cloud migration, deployment, change management and cloud managed services. Safoian’s continuous drive for innovation and growth has led SADA to develop cutting-edge applications and award-winning solutions for global brands.


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